Holiday Hands UK donates Pamper Goody Bags.

One of our volunteers thoughtfully arranged gifts for our mums for Mothering Sunday.

Via the generous donors in facebook group Holiday Hands UK. They decided to fundraise to provide goody bags with really nice things in for the mums that we look after.  They wanted to be able to bless the mums who struggle day after day with very little thanks or recognition.  It is so often the children that are given gifts, but what they wanted to do is give gifts to the mums to say that they are doing a fabulous job to the best of their ability in very trying circumstances. A little encouragement, if you will!!  Goodness knows, mothering is tough enough in the best of circumstances!

Thanks to Holiday Hands UK we were able to give our mums their lovely goody bags – and our staff were even treated to some chocolates too! Our mums send their thanks to Holiday Hands UK as well.