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Shopping list

We now have a separate Food shopping list for the things that we would find really helpful in providing the hot midday meals and the occasional food parcel for a family in need.

We have started some Amazon wish lists for every day and for Christmas.

Thank you.

Our list of things we currently need/would like. You can use the Donate options to donate to pay towards them, or contact us if there is a service you can help us with:

Last updated August 2018

  • NEW – Buckets and Spades to play with in our sandpit
  • NEW – catering take away containers so the parents may take the meals they make in healthy eating workshops home (we don’t always get our plates back)
  • Induction hob Stock Pots x 3 – 24-28 cm 5-10l (approx)
  • Large sieve
  • Heavy duty tin opener – or an electric one
  • Drawstring tote bags – like the old dap bags from school for ‘interest’ bags, e.g. all the bug hunting equipment, bubbles, maths things.
  • 36″+ flat screen TV with built in Freeview for the parents’ lounge
  • Office desks
  • New Toys suitable for small babies, especially Wooden toys
  • Socket set for our DIY handyman Gary to help maintain our old building
  • A new door entry system with camera
  • Good quality kitchen equipment – knives, saucepans for induction hob etc


Things we always need:

  • New Books and Toys  e.g. Mr Potato Head and friends, Wooden play food, magnets, classic children’s books, board books, toddler stories
  • New Ethnic dolls suitable for children under five (there are some examples on our Amazon wishlist
  • Tea towels …because you can never have too many!
  • Baby wipes, nappy sacks and nappies are always useful
  • Boxes of tissues – useful for mopping up tears (of joy and sorrow)
  • Kids wrapping paper/birthday cards for boys and girls, up to age 4.
  • Christmas wrapping paper/gift cards/large gift bags (30cm ish) for children and adults


Some bigger jobs we’d like help with include:

  • Moving the plumbing of our hot water supply in the staff room so we don’t need to use the expensive water heater.Staff Kitchen immersion heater
  • (Purchase and) Installation of a combi boiler so we can get rid of the hot water cylinder, and reduce our energy bills
  • Assistance with the soil pipe in our downstairs toilet and re-running of the cold water supply
  • Hire of a Rug Doctor or similar carpet steamer and cleaning of our carpets (weekend or Monday afternoon when we are closed)
  • Purchase and installation of solar panels to help reduce our energy consumption and energy bills.


Other Donations

Unfortunately we don’t have the space to store items and so we aren’t able to take in toys, furniture or other big items. But please do feel free to call 01452 422971 and check if you have such items you wish to donate. For example, the sofa’s in our parents lounge are getting well worn and we will soon be looking to replace them and the outdoor ride-on toys age out quite quickly and we are sometimes in need of new(er) ones.


Thank you for your help in acquiring:

  • Combi boiler for upstairs – thanks to Free Hospitals Trust Fund
  • Digital Kitchen scales
  • Slide for the garden  – our diddy Little Tikes one was proving a bit small and a kind supporter passed on theirs
  • Help to clear our gutters – thanks to Al’s Window Cleaning (August 2017)
  • Craft supplies e.g. sequins, foam shapes, pipe cleaners, pom poms, glitter, collage items, paper and card of various types and colours
  • Individual cooker hob for nursery 
  • Water bottles for Nursery
  • Christmas 2016 – Toys, craft supplies, wrapping paper, and more – thank you all
  • Colour laser printer, Craft supplies, Cushions for our book corner, Toys suitable for small babies , Tea towels, Baby wipes, nappy sacks and nappies, Kids wrapping paper/birthday cards, and kitchen equipment (thanks to the NCS team 5 from Young Gloucestershire Summer 2016)
  • A washing machine for our laundry room  (donation from Gloucestershire Masonic Charity Action)
  • A tumble dryer for our laundry room (donation from Gloucestershire Masonic Charity Action)
  • Tall fridge for the nursery and one for the kitchen – (grant from The Freemasons Fund)
  • An industrial upright Freezer for our kitchen (grant from The Summerfield Charitable Trust)