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Shopping list

Our list of things we currently need/would like. You can use the Donate options to donate to pay towards them, or contact us if there is a service you can help us with:

Last updated March 2017

shopping list

  • NEW Individual cooker hob for nursery  – ideally something like these
  • Water bottles for Nursery – ideally 50 for use by the children something like Osprey Activ-Mini 300-350ml
  • New Books and Toys  e.g. Mr Potato Head and friends, Wooden play food, magnets, classic children’s books, board books, toddler stories
  • Craft supplies e.g. sequins, foam shapes, pipe cleaners, pom poms, glitter, collage items, paper and card of various types and colours
  • New Ethnic dolls suitable for children under five
  • New Toys suitable for small babies, especially Wooden toys
  • Socket set for our DIY handyman Gary to help maintain our old building
  • Tea towels …because you can never have too many!
  • Baby wipes, nappy sacks and nappies are always useful
  • Kids wrapping paper/birthday cards for boys and girls, up to age 4.
  • Christmas wrapping paper/gift cards/large gift bags (30cm ish) for children and adults
  • A new door entry system with camera
  • Good quality kitchen equipment – knives, saucepans for induction hob etc


Some bigger jobs we’d like help with include:

  • Help to clear our gutters
  • Moving the plumbing of our hot water supply in the staff room so we don’t need to use the expensive water heater.
  • (Purchase and) Installation of a combi boiler so we can get rid of the hot water cylinder, and reduce our energy bills
  • Assistance with the soil pipe in our downstairs toilet and re-running of the cold water supply
  • Hire of a Rug Doctor or similar carpet steamer and cleaning of our carpets (weekend or Monday afternoon when we are closed)
  • Purchase and installation of solar panels to help reduce our energy consumption and energy bills.


Thank you for your help in acquiring:

  • Christmas 2016 – Toys, craft supplies, wrapping paper, and more – thank you all
  • Colour laser printer, Craft supplies, Cushions for our book corner, Toys suitable for small babies , Tea towels, Baby wipes, nappy sacks and nappies, Kids wrapping paper/birthday cards, and kitchen equipment (thanks to the NCS team 5 from Young Gloucestershire)
  • A washing machine for our laundry room  (donation from Gloucestershire Masonic Charity Action)
  • A tumble dryer for our laundry room (donation from Gloucestershire Masonic Charity Action)
  • Tall fridge for the nursery and one for the kitchen – (grant from The Freemasons Fund)
  • An industrial upright Freezer for our kitchen (grant from The Summerfield Charitable Trust)
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • An inkjet printer for the nursery to print photos for the children’s learning journeys
  • A pressure washer to help us keep the outdoor areas clean (grant from Rotary Club of Gloucester)
  • A Fibre Optic Christmas Tree for the nursery (thanks to Emmaus Gloucestershire)
  • Carpets

Xmas tree