Louise and Nick Stoddart says a big thank you to the staff of The Family Haven

Charlie_Poppy 6x 4I can’t believe that Poppy and Charlie have been coming to you for just over 3 years, but sadly the time has come for us to say a fond farewell to everyone at The Family Haven. As you are aware Poppy and Charlie will be starting at Abbeymead Primary School in September, they are both really looking forward to going but neither of them want to leave the Haven (including me), it is time for them to begin a new chapter in their lives. You have all helped our family so much, with your ongoing help, support, advice, caring, friendliness, hugs, tissues, shoulders to cry on, and so much more, it has meant more to us than you can imagine. Poppy and Charlie have evolved, developed, grown and so much more in the nursery, they look forward to coming and they love their time in the nursery and all of the staff. Poppy and Charlie even pretend play at being nursery staff, children and parents, Poppy sets out her babies and teddies in circles for story time, song time and the register etc! It is with great sadness that I write to give you notice of Poppy and Charlie’s last session with you. I will find this a very sad and emotional day. We’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all of the ladies in the nursery and to the staff at the Haven for caring for Poppy and Charlie so well and for all of your help and support. THANK YOU

Kind regards

Louise and Nick Stoddart