Nursery Leavers trip to Cannop Ponds in the Forest of Dean

Thursday 26th July 2018 —The children have been so excited and looking forward to going to see the woods and ponds. We explained they could jump and splash to their hearts content. We didn’t quite expect to the extent they did! When the children had played enough in the water it was time to get dry and warm with clean clothes on. This is another challenge for our children as is with all children. The knowledge that there was a yummy picnic after they were dressed spurred them on in record time. The children were ravenous! After eating we decided we would visit Perrygrove Railway. This was such a fun place to take our children. Each child was able to hold their own ticket before boarding the train. We stayed on the train for the whole journey through the woodland, passing the tree top adventure playground until we reached the top of Foxy Hollow, which is a big sheltered playground.