Our families enjoy a trip to All Things Wild—1st April 2016

This last outing to All Things Wild was a completely new adventure park for us to visit. As soon as we entered the park the children were so excited, as this was somewhere completely new to them all. We were shown into a private room, where friendly staff gave us a talk about the animals and keeping them and us safe. There were plenty of outdoor activities for all the ages of children to enjoy; Go- kart’s, dinosaur trail, and lots of different animals for us to look at, talk about and be introduced to. The park is very big with lots to see and keep our families busy all day. Inside there were amazing areas to play and explore. The one room children were able to sit and listen to a talk on reptiles, and some were able to hold or touch them, a great experience. The children all enjoyed the indoor beach area, and playing on the tractors. The staff were clearly, experienced and dedicated to the nature park, they were very helpful and informative. They even offered our group a large indoor room for our lunches, with plenty of space for all to sit and eat comfortably. It was a great day and everyone said they enjoyed themselves.

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