Pre-school Outing

P1000091On Tuesday 14th July Helen, Gail and Tracey took the pre-school children to the Forest of Dean. The children sang very loudly in the car all the way to Cannop Ponds, where they excitedly put on their wellies before going to feed the ducks. Next stop was paddling in the pond! The children really enjoyed this even when their wellies were full of water .They played a good game of “who can make the biggest splash” by throwing sticks in the water, found “thick oozy mud” and acted out parts of “We’re going on a Bear Hunt”.

Soon the children were becoming hungry so went on to the next part of their adventure – Perrygrove Railway. The children were very excited whilst waiting in the tiny station for the little train. The driver very kindly let each of them wave the flag, then they boarded the train and travelled the very short distance to the picnic area. Once there the children had lots of food and drink before playing on the adventure playground. The children had a lovely time going down the fireman’s pole! Soon it was time to go and the band of tired children once more boarded the train, waved the flag again and went back to thestation.What a wonderful day the children had, and what lovely memories to have of their last trip with nursery.