Queen’s Tea Party – 10th June 2016

We celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday in the Nursery. The children were quite excited learning about the Royal family and talking about the Queen. The pre-school especially engaged in activities throughout the week and looked at pictures of Buckingham Palace and Balmoral, also talking about the Royal Guards and the changing of the Guard. All were completely focussed while watching the guards on horseback moving around the screen. It was an exciting week, and children made flags and hung bunting, it gave the nursery a special feel. The older group went shopping to purchase the items needed for baking, all the children then all helped throughout the week to make scones and cakes. These made up part of their Tea party held at the end of the week to Celebrate the Birthday of the Queen. We also shared the festivities with the parents, taking trays of scones and sandwiches up to the parents lounge and explaining what we were celebrating. Parents were really enthusiastic and thankful. It was a lovely celebration throughout the day centre.

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