The Family Haven Nursery gets a new garden and play area.

We are really pleased that our outdoor play area refurbishment has been completed and is available to the children. It was tired looking and the children weren’t stimulated by the outdoor provision.

When RoSPA identified that the all weather flooring needed replacing we managed to secure a grant from The Wooden Spoon Charity to allow us to re-design the outdoor area. A team from Ecclesiastical designed and painted the mural, and provided the board to paint on. Nick’s Timber provided the fencing we needed to support the mural and make the area safe. Screwfix Foundation had previously provided a grant with which we purchased many of the tools and sundries used by our volunteer Gary and trustee Brian in erecting the fence. Timotay who did the design and the construction of the new garden and play area. The work began on the 17th November 2014 and took Timotay 2 weeks to complete the work. We have received support from many people and organisations that have made the new area possible and we thank them.

Having a new exciting area to play and explore has already benefitted the children as they have areas where they can use their own imaginations and bring to life with toys or just the use of the space. The water shoot is wonderful; the children have been using it to place balls and lots of different objects in to see if they roll just the same as the water. Having a new space to learn and grow has helped the children develop their sense of adventure; they are all excited about going out to play!

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