The Family Haven needs your Recipes

We need your recipes!


We Need You
This year we are 25 years old and we want to make a cook book to sell to raise money and we’d love to include your recipes.
It could be :
  •  your favourite dish from home
  •  the easiest thing you cook
  •  the best budget meal you make
  •  a family favourite
  •  a great recipe your children love
We need to know :
  •  Where it comes from (did someone else write it? We might need their permission to print it.)
  •  What are the ingredients and how much of each
  •  How do you make it
  •  Why you’ve chosen this recipe – e.g. “My children love this one and always ask for more”
Then send them by post or email them to and watch this space as we’ll announce when the book is ready to buy!

Many thanks, Debbie (Fundraiser)