The Family Haven trip to Jump

On Friday 3rd June the families from The Family Haven boarded the bus to ‘Jump’ in Bristol. There was lots of excited chatter on the bus and the inevitable “are we there yet”?

Just before arrival Gail gave all the children a wrist band to wear to enable them to get into the soft play centre. When they got in the children removed their shoes and the families were shown to the room where they could leave their belongings and have their lunch.

Then the moment they had all been waiting for, the now very excited children and equally excited parents went into the soft play area! The children quickly ran onto the bouncy castle part and the more adventurous climbed to the top and went down the fast slides.

All of the parent encouraged their children and joined them on the equipment. The younger children seemed to enjoy the toddler area, which was quieter and had age appropriate equipment whist their parents watched on and supported them when necessary.

At lunch time the parents went to the party room and had their lunch. Then one of the children, whose birthday it was had a special treat of having everyone sing happy birthday and share his birthday cake.

The families went back to the play area for the last hour or so before getting back on the bus where the now worn out children and parents slept for most of the way back to The Family Haven.

Everyone had a great time and a lot of the families are already organising a return trip!

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