The Family Haven’s Christmas Dinner Party 2

We have held our second Christmas Dinner Party for our families on Thursday 19th December. Because of the number of families we have, we need to hold two Christmas Dinner Parties every year. A good time and good food was had by everyone. Especially the children when Santa arrived with presents. Even a couple of our dads joined in the fun and told Santa what they wanted for Christmas.

We would like to say a big thank you to our cook Janet Oliffe for the wonderful Christmas Dinner she cooked for both parties. We could not make this possible ourselves, but due to the efforts off our ever increasing number of volunteers and supporters. Our most sincere thanks goes to everyone who donated their valuable time, gifts and financial support.

We can not emphasise enough the difference that these acts of kindness make to our families, it enables us to give everyone a gift to open on Christmas Day.  In many case these gifts will be all they will have to open on Christmas morning!

Aisha_Misty Jade_Neil Eden_Santa Layun_Santa Riley_Santa Saffie_Mohammed_Ali_Aisha_Raky Jonathan_Neil on Santa's Knee