Underprivileged Gloucestershire families benefit from generosity of law firm Harrison Clark Rickerbys – taken from a recent Press Release

Harrison_Clark_Rickerbys_Charitable_Trust_The_Family_Haven_Healthy_Eating_ProjectTrustees of Gloucestershire legal business Harrison Clark Rickerbys’ Charitable Trust have handed over £500 towards The Family Haven Healthy Eating Project; an area the charity believes is currently under-funded in Gloucestershire.

The project is designed to help vulnerable families, particularly at times of rising inflation, to understand the importance of healthy eating and see how a healthy diet can be achieved on a low income. The Gloucestershire—based charity aims to provide 1,200 adult and 1,700 child mid-day meals per annum, two advice and/or practical sessions per week for parents on healthy eating as well as daily healthy snacks for the children in the nursery.

Debbie Nevin, fundraiser at The Family Haven said: “The vulnerable families in our society may not be in the best position to help themselves and frequently do not have the wider family support to know what constitutes a healthy diet or how to achieve it”.

“Our families often aren’t living in suitable accommodation and lack the facilities to cook healthy meals for themselves, some don’t possess the basic education in nutrition and lack the skills needed to cook a balanced meal, they may come from a background of unhealthy relationships with food, and many are under the misunderstanding it costs more to cook from scratch. For the children, the meal and healthy snacks they receive whilst attending the nursery may be the only healthy food they eat”.

“The results we are aiming for are that we do not parents or children who appear malnourished. We also aim to ensure that our children know that there are other meals besides ‘fast food’ and that they have an understanding of where some of their food comes from via the gardening programme”.

Mrs Nevin said: “Harrison Clark Rickerbys’ donation has particularly assisted in the development of the Healthy Eating Project as £500 provides a meal and healthy snack for 100 children or over 10 healthy eating sessions for parents”.

“We have introduced gardening into our nursery curriculum, we also run healthy eating sessions, one to one or in groups, that concentrate on basic advice for our families and also provide practical advice for nutritious meals which are at little effort and cost”.

Jonathan Brew, senior partner at Harrison Clark Rickerbys and trustee of Harrison Clark Rickerbys’ Charitable Trust, said: “We are really pleased to support this local charity and observe the positive impact that the funds have had on society. With one of our offices based in Cheltenham, we’re delighted to aid fantastic local projects such as this.”

Harrison Clark Rickerbys’ Charitable Trust has raised more than £145,000 since its inception in 2007 and aims to give back to the communities in The Three Counties. For more information please visit www.hcrlaw.com